Why are we better? Photo Booth Print Comparison


Maybe my title is a little obnoxious. But really, why are we better? It can be hard to explain if you don't see us working, see the real photographer interacting with guests or see the quality of our prints. But once you do, you will totally get it!

I recently heard about a conversation between two wedding planners discussing our photo booth v the cheaper little boxes that you click the photo yourself.  One planner completely gets it (and yes she is a huge referral source for us because she has seen over and over how much guests enjoy the interaction and the beautiful prints) and one planner who doesn't get it, who has never worked with us - that thinks price is the most important determining factor when choosing which photo booth to use at your wedding or event. I couldn't disagree more. The experience, the fun, the great photographs is what you are paying for.

Maybe the picture above can't quite tell the full story. Let me explain.

The strips on the left are from a wedding that my family and I attended - one of those boxes that you go into - awkwardly wait 3 seconds and your photo gets taken, wait 3 seconds, over and over - then the strip pops out.  My kids had a blast trying on every single prop and coming back over and over. But they are kids, they would have fun anywhere. But here's the difference, these photos aren't frame worthy, they don't invoke any sort of emotion - no laughter, no reminiscing, no smiles when I look at them. They are boring. I can't even make out if it's my niece or one of my daughter's in these photos. Maybe the couple paid a few dollars less for this type of photo booth - I have no idea - but what I will say is that I guarantee you - never once did the attendant hear - "this is the best photo I have ever had taken!" A crowd did not gather around the booth laughing and having a blast. No one said, "wow - this photo is so beautiful, I'm going to make it my Christmas card". It's gimmicky and fun but it ends right there, that night.  Who wants to look at the gallery of images - everyone looks tiny, barely in focus and boring. 

Now look at a series from a recent wedding photo booth. See the difference?

Our photo booth is more of an experience. We are looking for the photos within the photos. The laughter, the joy, the silliness, the romance - seeking these moments while your guests interact in our photo booth. Great photos + great prints are the result. Photos that will take your right back to the fun you had at the event. Or the moments you missed while other people were having fun in the photo booth - a great gallery full of fun!

Strips are cute. But a 4x6, 5x7 or 6x9 print is just beautiful. An incredible photograph from your event. 


Melissa Madden