How long have we been doing this you ask?

A long time! The idea for The Live Photobooth was hatched over 12 years ago. While photographing an event in Las Vegas for a client, we were asked to photograph guests with Jay Leno and the Blue Man Group. The caveat, our client wanted photos printed for the guests to leave with.

Long story short, our photo booth was born! We realized right then and there that our background in commercial/portrait photography - knowing how to use all those studio lights with cool backdrops and pretty people had paid off!

The combination of great lighting, a professional photographer + on site printing with gorgeous photographs was the perfect mix.

Today, there are so many photo booths to choose from! Fortunately for us, we have set ourselves apart by offering a premium open air photo station with a real photographer delivering amazing images! No wonder why we hear over and over that "this is the best photo I've ever taken!".