Spotlight your Event or Brand with an Experiential Activation: The Social Photographer


Experiential marketing, giving your attendees something to remember long past the event seems to be the new norm.

We currently see more and more Innovative and inspired creative opportunities that engage guests and help to make your wedding or event more impactful.

As the world keeps changing and chugging along, so does our work. 

With a lot of our work existing in the world of weddings, mitzvahs, birthday parties, holiday events, corporate conferences and company retreats, we have seen a lot of evolutions in what is offered at these events.

Recently we’ve been utilizing a new tool - the ipad! 

Our Phoenix clients have been more and more interested in capturing social media photos for their guests in addition to the photo booth and classic event photography. 

The magic of the ipad is all the spectacular apps built for social media photography. 

You take the photo, and after inputting the guests phone number or email address, they’re sent a direct link to their photo, elevating their event experience. 

It’s a sort of reinvented option of the photo booth you’ve seen at all your friends’ weddings. Fun and funky, ipad social photography has been a wonderful bonus to the realm of weddings, events, cocktail parties and networking affairs.