Photo Station | Vanity Fair Style Portraits Sedona

The word "photo booth" has so many interpretations. There is the closed in old school box they used to have when I was a kid, there are the newer photo booths that you snap your own static photo and then there are the open air type that sometimes use a trigger and sometimes use a real camera. And then there is a portrait station that uses a real photographer with really good lighting. 

We are always so happy that our clients recognize the difference between the options. And we are always thrilled when a client wants something a little bit different. I know it's hard when planning an event or wedding - there are budget concerns, space concerns, and answering the question, how will this photo station fit into my event?

Well we try and do our best to figure out exactly what set up/dynamic works for each client. The beauty of the way we set up is that we have lots of flexibility with location, timing and the over all look. This bride was deciding between using the scenery of Sedona in the earlier photos (which would have worked as well), having a fun photo booth with props or offering her guests gorgeous photos that they will have as a keepsake of their weekend in Sedona. Any of the three would have worked. She chose the third option and her guests were not disappointed!

We are huge fans of both a fun photo booth option and a sophisticated vanity fair style portrait station. What works for your crowd is what needs to be determined. But either way, your guests will love it!