a lovely backyard wedding | photo booth arizona

There is something so cool and fun about a backyard wedding.  Backyard of course is a word with a very loose definition. There are some "backyards" in Arizona that rival some of the finest resorts. Gorgeous pools, perfect landscaping, sunken tennis courts, amazing scenery, you get the idea.

This past weekend, The Live Photobooth was lucky enough to have been part of a really special "backyard" wedding.  What a sweet bride and groom, surrounded by great family and friends. You could truly feel the love in the air.  Needless to say, we really enjoyed ourselves.

While The Live Photobooth is the perfect photo booth for either outside or inside, there is a certain element of the unknown that accompanies an outdoor booth.  Living in Arizona, the weather is usually as close to perfect as you can get. I honestly don't even think of rain. Our only concern is wind. Since weather is the unknown factor when somebody books an outdoor photo booth - we have several contingency plans for day of inclement weather.

Fortunately, our photo booth is very versatile. We just require a 12x12 space and access to power.  The rest is completely manageable. If it is raining, we will move inside - nothing we can do about rain. If it is windy, we will scrap the paper back drop option and use a fabric backdrop. If it is really windy and there is no indoor option, we will shoot with no backdrop. Sometimes that can be really cool! Where there's a will there's a way as the old saying goes!

I like to call Keith Magiver for short.

This past weekend our designated spot was in a sunken tennis court area - the conditions were absolutely perfect. We used a white paper backdrop and our regular set up. I know you can't plan on great weather, but this time of year the conditions are just great!