what a fun crowd | phoenix desert botanical garden photo booth


What can I say about this crowd...they were just so much fun. The laughter was contagious. It's like when you are driving in your car listening to something funny on the radio and you just can't help bursting out in laughter and you know the people in the cars next to you think you're nuts. Well that describes this crowd. Whether it was the duo that put the silver paper that wraps gum on their teeth or the man that didn't change his emotion not even once or the groom swiping someone's wheelchair and zooming into the middle of a picture or the guy that could make any face in the world and be funny while doing it - this was a lively crowd. My side still hurts from laughing. Fun. Fun. Fun!

The night was off to a shaky start because of the weather.  Imagine, rain in Arizona...lots of rain in Arizona.  The Live Photo Booth was able to remain outside, under a covered awning at Dorrance Hall, Desert Botanical Gardens. Victoria Canada of Victoria Canada Weddings and Events was able to move the outdoor wedding indoors on a moments notice and still remain oh, so calm. Even though we could see our breath (hello, is this really April in AZ?) the night was a huge success! It seemed to me like fun was had by all.