the live photobooth goes back in time | 70's style photo booth









What is better than 70's vintage? I mean come on...who doesn't love a white satin jacket, hairy chest and multiple gold chains? This past Saturday night The Live Photo Booth went 70's style.

I have to say that this crowd had some really, really authentic costumes. They did the 70's thing well.

I know the actual theme was 70's disco, but what I liked about this group is that they incorporated all of the 70's style into one room. The outfits ran the gamut - from a beautiful gold lame outfit with a 10ft wing span that looked like she just stepped out of Studio 54, to a San Francisco beatnik type that had a cool hippie vibe, to a 70's style liberal woman complete with her Jimmy Carter for President pin, to a Texan used car salesman with cowboy hat and big gaudy big gold watch, to a group dressed as ABBA, to a Larry the Lounge Lizard type (you could just hear the awful pick up lines), to kids with big afros, lots of gold, lots of polyester, lots of bell bottoms, lots of platform shoes, lots of 'staches, just LOTS of tacky 70's garb!  I loved it!