the live photobooth | the hyatt scottsdale







The bride made a beautiful selection when she chose this raspberry and gray patterned backdrop - I just love the way it complemented her wedding colors.  A simply lovely affair organized and orchestrated by the one and only Victoria Canada Weddings and Events.

If you can't tell from perusing the photos, this was a jovial group that was having a blast from the minute they entered the reception (think YOU TUBE entrance, each couple out doing the other when they were announced), to the best man's speech that encouraged guest participation (very funny!) to the hilarious photo booth interactions!

But looking at these fun pictures from last Saturday's photo booth at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch and you would never guess 3 things:

1. we were outside adjacent to a beautiful swimming pool and a lake

2. there were wind gusts that felt like 60 mph - in all directions

3. we were hanging on to the backdrop so that it didn't go sailing into either the pool or the lake or into the middle of the beautiful wedding reception

Regardless of what was going on behind the scenes - you can't tell from the pictures!  The bride and groom and all their guests just rolled with it. A little wind, no big deal.  Fun was had by all.