Phoenix Bride & Groom Blog Feature: The Live Photobooth | Photo booths, Scottsdale, Arizona

Phoenix Bride & Groom featured The Live Photobooth on their blog last week - I love how they declared that The Live Photobooth as a reception "must have"! We couldn't agree more.

Here's an excerpt from their post:

Why do we love The Live Photobooth so much?

First, it’s something for your guests to DO. Your shy uncle who doesn’t dance isn’t relegated to sitting at his table or stalking the cake table. The kids who run around all night, hitting the dance floor, visiting the bathroom, bugging the DJ, etc. can turn to the live photobooth as a creative outlet.

Second, it creates moments. You can have unlimited pictures with any and all of your guests. They probably weren’t all present during your formal picture time so the photobooth is a great way to make sure you have the photos of the special people you want photos of. And when you get folks in front of that camera, they let loose in a whole new way. Think your grandmother is traditional? Just wait until she gets into the live photobooth!

Third, you can show your fun side as a couple. Many couples have a difficult time loosening up in front of the camera during portraits due to pre-wedding  jitters or the stress of the day so after the tension of the ceremony and formal pictures has dissipated (sometimes thanks to a few glasses of champagne), you can let loose and show your silly side!

Finally, the live photobooth is practical. That’s right! I said practical. The images provide a momento and wedding favor for your guests, you can get a “Thank You” picture taken to print and send to guests post-wedding, and often, couples choose to have the photobooth as part of their entertainment for the evening. For lack of a better phrase, it “kills many birds with one stone!”.

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