how to set up an at home halloween party photo booth | holiday photo booths phoenix, arizona

Who doesn't love adorable kids in costumes? Kids have a blast when they are all dressed up and get to be a ham in front of the camera. A photo booth is the perfect fit for a holiday party, especially a Halloween holiday party! I just love how creative the parents and kids can be with their costume ideas. A banana? I love it.

You can recreate the photo booth set at home and take some really cute pictures of your trick or treaters! Since you probably don't have a background stand with seamless paper just laying around the house, get creative. Use a blank wall or duct tape a white (or any color) sheet to a wall. If you are going to use available light, make sure it's not too spotty. A great light source is a window or even better, set up in the garage. Open the garage door and let the light in. If you are going to use a small flash, bounce it high off a nearby wall or the ceiling.

A simple little set up will be sure to guarantee tons of great photos!

We hope everyone has a happy Halloween!