four seasons holiday party | scottsdale, arizona photo booth

I guess there is one in every crowd: a really funny person that makes their way to the photo booth more than once. In our vast photo booth experience, we find that there is usually one person in every crowd that makes their way to the photo booth really often, like really, really often.

A Four Seasons Holiday Party is the perfect excuse for a fun photo booth. This is our third year doing the photo booth at this company's holiday party and the man in the tan jacket has never disappointed. He is one funny guy. I haven't laughed out loud this much in a really long time. It never fails, he takes one great photo after another. It is like the photo booth was made for him.

Yes, there were photos taken the other evening that he wasn't in - but he was in so many variations it was hard not to share photos with him in it! Love his enthusiasm!

Well the holiday season is in full swing - we are working our tails off. One party after another. Such a fun time of the year!!!