Wedding Photo Booth | Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale

the live photo booth phoenix140322 0002140322 0003140322 0004140322 0005140322 0006140322 0007140322 0008140322 0009140322 0010140322 0011140322 0012140322 0013140322 0014140322 0015140322 0016140322 0017140322 0018 This was an absolutely stunning wedding at the Four Seasons Scottsdale by Amina Michele of Some Like it Classic Wedding Design. It is amazing how a ballroom can transform into a wonderland. Just beautiful.

It was a sophisticated wedding and the guests knew how to have a great time! We had more photo bombs at this photo booth then ever before. They broke a record. A record I haven't been keeping track of but they broke it none the less. Pure fun.

Thanks Amina for including us!