All are not created equal | Shopping for a photo booth

Are you shopping for a photo booth for your upcoming holiday party or special event, maybe even your wedding. Do a google search and you come up with what seems like hundreds of photo booths to choose from. How do you decide which one will be perfect for you?

First of all, don't start by comparing prices. Yes you have a budget that you need to work within but keep in mind that not all photo booths are the same and not all pricing gives you the real story.  You may or may not be comparing apples with oranges.

When it comes to pricing we take a very straightforward approach. Pretty much everything is included in our one price. Maybe you want to add on an extra hour - that is the only type of cost that is extra. Everything else, the photographer, the unlimited printing, the props, set up/breakdown, branding, etc. are part of the all inclusive price. Many photo booth companies seem to have a starting price and then add on extra $$$ for printing, props, what have you.  

Keep in mind that all photo booths are not created equal. One of those little rolling boxes that has a camera in it an puts out a strip of tiny out of focus prints is really not the same as our open air interactive photo area that gives you gorgeous 4x6 prints.

We are more like a mobile photo studio, we offer:

a professional photographer - who by interacting with you and your guests will pick and choose angles that flatter you and make you look great - rather than a static camera/machine with one straight on view

studio lighting - (yes, the very same lighting used for a fashion shoot) makes you look fabulous

space to move - our set up allows for you to jump around, do a handstand, make a pyramid or fit more than two or three (unlike that little box). In fact, we have had more than 30+ people in a photo as well as every other configuration you can imagine.

And maybe what I hear almost as much as "this is the best photo that I have ever had taken of me" is how appreciative people are with our professionalism. This is our business, we aren't sending out crews of teenagers working on our behalf. Either Keith or I is generally at every event and our employees are professionally trained photographers, computer techs, people who know our industry inside and out.

This is what we do - take great photos and make sure every single person is completely thrilled with our product.

Melissa MaddenComment